Saturday, December 21, 2013

Larva Link 3.1 APK Android

Mod Full Larva Link 3.1 APK Android

Current Version: 3.1

Requires Android: 2.3.3 and up

Category: Brain & Puzzle

v3.1 update:

2013-12-20 : v3.1 Update details

✔ Lucky Spin added

✔ X-mas skin added

✔ X-mas event added

✔ 10 new Google+ Achievements added

✔ Avatar price down(5 kinds)

✔ Coin price 100% down

✔ Bug fixes

2013-11-06 : v3.0 Update details

✔ Google+ Sign-In error fixed

✔ Google+ Achievements added


Welcome to Larva Link!

A unique puzzle game from the ultimate comedy show cartoon, Larva. If you haven’t heard of this great cartoon, check thousands of Larva clips on YouTube!

Play against your friends&all players worldwide and your ranking is reflected in real time!!

The bizarre story of larvae living in sewers, the ultimate comedy show, Larva!

Meet the characters from popular animation, Larva!

★★ Feed the always hungry Larva with their favorite sausages! ★★

This game is about who can feed the Larva with the most sausages. Drag three or more Larvae to feed them and watch Larvae disappear with a smile!


◆ Simply drag and link the Larvae left and right, up and down, and diagonally in any direction!

The longer your link is, the higher your score will be!

◆ The time limit is 1 minute, but it gets longer depending on your skills!

Link 10 or more Larvae to extend the game time longer!

The longer you link, the more time you will get!

◆ There are 4 special gems for extra fun!

- Cobweb : Links different kinds of Larvae like the cobwebs.

- Frog : The king of the sewers that Larvae are most scared of. It eats up all Larvae of one kind.

- Fart Bomb : A balloon filled with fart. Once it pops, surrounding Larvae will pass out!

- Prism : Surrounding Larvae turns into one kind of Larva.

But, special gems appear only when more than 6 Larvae are linked.

◆ Let’s get into fever mode!

What is the most fun part of a puzzle game? The “Combo”!!

When you keep the combo going, the fever mode will apply with passionately excited Larvae!

To achieve super high score, link faster and get into fever mode! No time to loosen up!

◆ Real-time world ranking!

You are ranked with not just your friends but with all Larva Link players of the world!

Play against all players worldwide and your ranking is reflected in real time!


Larva Link Official Blog :

Email Support :

Minimum Specification : Equivalent to Galaxy S device with more than 512MB RAM

Recommended Specification : Equivalent to Galaxy S2 device

*Galaxy Note : Use of S-pen is currently not formally supported.

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