Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Nights Keeper (do not disturb) 1.7.6 APK Android

Mod Full Nights Keeper (do not disturb) 1.7.6 APK Android

Current Version: 1.7.6

Requires Android: 2.2 and up

Category: Lifestyle

v1.7.6 update:

version 1.7.6

NEW: Hungarian translation.

FIX: Finish profile could not be scheduled in case of low memory.

FIX: Several fails.


*** 50% DISCOUNT! Limited offer on Christmas and New Year (till December 31) ***

Fed up to be waked up by night call or SMS? Don’t let disturb you during sleep. Nights Keeper will block unwanted calls and will never let you miss important one. You can set silent or vibrate mode for night.

Are you afraid to miss a really important call from a loved one? Add some contacts to “White list” and Nights Keeper will never let you miss call from them. Other phone numbers will be blocked by application.

Go to bed and wake up at different times? Create several profiles for different week days and get your sweet dreams in total silent.

Not sure that select all nessesary numbers? Turn on emergency call option and blocked caller will reach you sooner or late.

Like to take a nap from time to time? Don’t want to be interrupted on an important meeting? Profile “Don’t disturb” is for you. Setup full functional profile and turn it on/off manually by pressing on home screen widget at any time.

Do not want to be rude blocking incoming calls? Nights Keeper will send SMS notification to the blocked number.

Scared by loud rings at night? Then ascending ring is your choice!

Don’t want to wake up your wife by incoming call? Set up special volume level for night profile and put phone close to you.

Forget to turn off wireless connections? Smartphone discharges over night? Do not worry, Nights Keeper will turn off Auto Sync, Mobile network, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for the night.

Like to read the latest news and email? Nights Keeper will turn on Mobile network, Wi-Fi and Auto Sync in the morning.

Full feature list:

• Profiles. You can set different settings and start/finish time for all week days (only one profile in Free version).

• “White” contact list that can be different for different profiles.

• “Don’t disturb” manual profile with home screen widget control.

• Emergency call. Recognize after several missed calls from this blocked contact or number.

• Decline call. Auto decline blocked call (only with PRO license).

• SMS notifications to the blocked callers (only with PRO license).

• Three modes for night calls Ring, Ring and Vibrate and only Vibrate.

• Special volume level for nights calls.

• Night ringtone.

• Ascending ring.

• Turning off Auto Sync (only with PRO license).

• Turning off Mobile network (only with PRO license).

• Turning off Wi-Fi (only with PRO license).

• Turning off Bluetooth (only with PRO license).

• Special level of screen brightness (only with PRO license).

• Morning actions. Turning on Mobile network, Auto Sync, Wi-Fi (only with PRO license).

• Dark or Light application theme.

• Zero power consumption. Application works only during start/finish of period or night call.

PRO license can be purchased by in-app billing. Support developer and get all application features on all your devices. Price is about 0.99$.

If you have any questions, please, visit our FAQ page first:


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